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Play is the new work

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Last time we evaluated the different types of time off and the benefits of Vacation v Travel.

As a Business Coach, I help clients navigate business and life with a support system. After we take time off, it’s so nice to hold on to the warm, free feelings, yet that can be a challenge.

And then again, time off isn’t always available.

Good news! There are methods to allow for the post time off glow, no matter what. Here are a few proven methods to help work feel lighter:

1) Start your day with Laughter. Huh? Yes, you can start your day with Laughter Yoga! What is laughter yoga? It is a way to stretch, laugh, work your abs and to help your body release endorphins and more according to the Mayo Clinic

Laughter can build your abs

Laughter Yoga walks you through funny scenarios where whether you find them funny or not, you just start the process of laughing. Fake laughter can turn real, yet even if you don’t laugh for real, your body doesn’t give a hoot! It releases endorphins anyhow! Success in as little as 3 minutes. Don’t take my word for it…Check out this video.

Yes, you can do less.

2) Do Less Make your to do list no longer than 3 items. Do those 3, in order of importance and then evaluate …”Do I really need to do more?”

If so, pick 3 more. By doing things in smaller increments, we get the satisfaction of completion, and we make real headway.

3) Do something for others-My friend Josh has a goal to build a network of 1000 people that he has helped… Yes, that is 3 zeros!

Every day he finds new people he can help. Guess what? By helping others, karma smiled and sent him help right back. He was happy that something good happened which furthered his business, but what he really notices is that helping others just feels really, really good!

Helping feels really, really good

4) Take breaks A long while back I shared the Pomodoro method (you can get a free download here) It is a method where you set a timer and work in 25. Minute increments.

When the timer goes off you get the reward of a 10 minute break, before you push the timer for the next 25. For me this method works best when I have a lot of work to do or I am feeling unmotivated.

For that wonderful 10-minute break? You can do stuff and not just surf the internet, or check your phone! You can do stuff like exercise for 10 minutes, play a musical instrument, call a friend, make some toast! (thank you Chris and Josh for this life changing idea)

Whatever you can do on your break is JUST FOR YOU!!! This made my heart sing. And I am having fun plus feeling more endorphins from allowing myself to break out of a rut during my 10 minutes.

Your Break is JUST For You!

Friends. Time off is a delight, and it is true, we can make “work” more like play every single day.

What are your ways of making work more like play?

With Affection,


aka The Beekeeper

PS want to explore how support can amp your work life and your life life? Get 30 minutes free coaching here

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