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Processes make business repeatable and can lead to immense time savings with improved communication.  So, how do you decide your business would benefit from one? Find direction here

Accountability can drive mutual respect. Yet actually holding someone accountable can be uncomfortable at best. Here is a free 11 step preparation process

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I don’t know about you but sometimes I need a mood altering alternative that will take me to a better or different place. Use these tips for mood alterations. Download the Mood Change paper.


Getting things done is important. But how do we make it happen? Sometimes getting going is tough and staying on track even tougher. Here are some tools to help. Check out the Pomodoro Method.

COVID-19 Resources: Adaptability Worksheet

Empathy Needs Analysis  

The Creativity Resource


What’s a Holistic Business Coach? 

I specialize in solopreneur coaching.  I help business owners, solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, (and people in business who act like solopreneurs) gain clarity on their goals while setting in motion clearly defined action plans.  I listen a lot, ask questions to help you find clarity, focus and strategy.  Through these conversations, we tackle your current challenges.  Then we work to define what you want, which leads to what you need to do next. In the end, it amounts to a step by step strategy that helps guide you where you want to be. 


What’s your philosophy? 

I believe that answers lie inside each of us. My goal is to be someone who asks thoughtful questions, listens deeply, and helps ideas already inside you to come out. I believe that if we collaborate and share, an authentic strategy will appear. 

Tell me about where we meet: We typically meet on the phone or video chat.  We can also arrange in person meetings.  For everyone's safety, during COVID-19 times, we will only meet on phone or video chat.


What does holistic mean?  

Life doesn’t cleanly delineate between business and regular, just as we can’t separate our bodies, minds and spirits. Life is life. I use tools that access our conscious and unconscious minds to utilize our whole selves towards problem solving, planning and strategy development.  I find that by using a multitude of tools from straight forward questions, metaphors, dream journaling, dream analysis, and more, we can often get to where we need not only more quickly but with astonishing results!

How long is this going to take? 

Business coaching is definitely individual.  Some clients like to work weekly, some bi monthly, some monthly.  Some I work with on a project basis, as projects come and go.  All of this to say, it is up to you and what you want to accomplish.


What does success look like? 

In a nutshell, success looks like you and your business meeting the goals we set together.  At the end of each coaching session, I check in to see if we answered the original question and to hear if the time was helpful.  I also ask is there was anything we missed or that you wish was covered. Clients typically report the time was well spent and they are energized to start working on the strategy we developed.  By checking in all along the way, we can stay on track to arrive where you want to be.

What sets Beeline apart?

I have decades of real-world experience in a wide array of businesses: from surgical devices to television, radio to internet, newspaper to various media organizations — from Fortune 500 sized companies to “mom and pop shops”.  I have served many customers from surgeons to operating room teams, materials managers to business owners, marketing to media executives. Pair all this experience with my intuitive and inquisitive nature, add in my strong coaching skills, and you get a business coach who is ready and prepared to help! This is indeed my heart’s work. I love serving others through coaching!

Who do you work with? 

I work primarily in three areas:

  • Entrepreneurs (solo business owners, solo entrepreneurs, solopreneurs or with a team) in creative fields and makers

  • Individuals / executives in their careers regarding leadership and communications skills, career development, invigoration

  • Group and team classes


What types of things can you help my business with?

Business planning 

Big picture thinking


Decision making

Sales plans and strategies

Sales processes, Custom Business Development plans

Sales Targeting

Time management, organization, processes, tactics

Daily/weekly/monthly planning

Communication and relationship building and management

Difficult conversations, strategies and tactics

Customer connection processes, strategies and tactics

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