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Solopreneurs, Help your client solve their problem Do a Needs Analysis

The reason we do business is to help people solve or gain success around problems, challenges, or opportunities they and/or a business are experiencing.


A needs analysis is an important way to communicate with a team member, client, or a prospective client that you are invested in helping them solve specific problems and meet the goals they have set.  

(speaking of needs assessment, I need some sun, thus this sunny photo)

A need is defined as "a want or a concern that a customer or a business has about something specific."  This may also be phrased as a problem or a challenge that needs to be solved.


A needs analysis helps customers to sort and think through to further understand the depth or magnitude of a problem and how solving it could help their business.


It can help take something from an implied need, a need that is, more of a hunch, and developing it into an explicit need, a fully formed concept with the why the problem needs to be solved, as well as an understanding of the impact it will have for them and their business.


Example: Implied need, “We need to do something with XYZ”

Explicit need “We don’t know what that is, help us to uncover it.” The question that a client has about something they have a need to change but they may not know exactly what it is . 


They have an opportunity, but they have not been able to turn it into something specific.  They just see a hint of an opportunity.  Your job with a needs analysis is to help uncover what the opportunity is (or isn’t) before solutions can be sought. 


Taking time to prepare for a needs analysis conversation through, research and asking mindful and insightful question, specifically about the current situation, communicates three important things:

1.     It shows that you care about what is important in solving the current problems

2.     Well-designed questions are to help those you are communicating with, to think through the current challenge

3.     It shows that you are committed to helping them to achieve a desired outcome.

Your responsibility.

Prior to having a needs analysis conversation take time to take inventory.

Ask yourself these questions, research and record your findings:


What do you know for sure about the problem?

What are the goals for solving this problem?

What do you think is the desired outcome?

Would it be helpful for you and your business to further explore how to do an effective needs analysis? Business Coaching can help. Solopreneurs, here is 30 minutes FREE Coaching to explore your opportunities!

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