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Vacation V. Travel

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

As a business coach, one of the ways I help clients is through supporting and providing space towards work life balance. Sometimes balance comes in the form of well-earned time off.

"Almost everything will work, if you unplug it for a few minutes...including you." Anne LaMott, Author

Yet, what sort of time off would fill you up most? This calls for a little digging:

  • How would you characterize and grade your current energy level?

  • How are you feeling emotionally?

  • Which emotions are coming up most often, anger, fear, sadness, contentment, joy, etc.?

  • If you are going to take time off, what do you want to do during the time?

  • What do you want to gain?

  • How do you want to feel when you return?

  • What do you want to capture on your trip? (Photos, memories, exercise, purpose, an adventure?)

These answers will start your path towards determining what sort of time off is needed that will help you return to work rejuvenated, more balanced. All time off isn’t the same. What are the types of time off and what are the differences in these types? A while back my dear friend, Lisa, shared this important insight-I want to share it with you. Vacation: prioritizes rest and relaxation Travel: prioritizes exploration and adventure What do you gain by each? Both Perspective Change of scenery Visit/possible connection with others Rejuvenation Vacation Rest Relaxation Catch up on sleep Decompress Staying in one place Travel Learn something new Adventures New Experiences Culture Moving around to more than one place Staying in more than one place Phase 2: Know thyself.

What fills you up in general? What will fill you up right now? Below are some ideas to consider. Check in with your body. When you read these statements what gives you a positive feeling or fills you with energy? What feels like "ugh" or energy depleting? There are many other things you could consider yet, the idea is when you are making your plans to consider what you really want and to allow your body to help inform you towards the time off that will be the most beneficial right now.

Our bodies don't lie about what we want and don't want. The job of our minds is to think, therefore, they can (and do) chatter on and on, at times, tell us the occasional mistruth.

To get to your truth, allow your body be your guide.

Take a deep breath, close your eyes and take time to receive transmission about different ways you could spend time away from work.

Read each statement and notice your reaction:

1. Spending time on the go, moving from place to place

2. Changing places to stay during the trip Staying in one place

3. Exploring one place Exploring many places

4. Sitting still reading a book

5. Visiting friends

6. Having a language barrier

7. Traveling by plane

8. Traveling by car

9. Camping

10. Seeing new sites

11. Being near people

12. Being alone

13. Doing something humanitarian

14. Staying at home and resting

15. Staying at home completing projects

Surely there are many more considerations you could choose from and if any present, run them through your body test station.

After you decide what you want to accomplish, and what you need and want right now, then you can build the time off that will truly fill you up and help you be ready to conquer what's next. Happy Trails! Shelly

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