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Shelly sweeney


About Shelly Sweeney

Welcome! I am so happy you are here.


I’m Shelly Sweeney. I love working with people to explore how they can unlock their greatest potential. It has been my life's work to develop the skills, tools, and perspectives to support this process in the most loving and inspiring way possible.


My mission is to support you in gaining the clarity and insight to accomplish your greatest goals in building your business, gaining traction, and achieving bottom-line results. Solopreneurs, It is my passion to assist you with your dream and to grow your empire. 


In every company, industry, situation, and person, everyday challenges are inevitable. My process is to listen deeply and ask insightful questions aimed at helping you gain clarity and focus to illuminate your best next action. Our conversations will uncover underlying dynamics and needs and serve as the foundation for you to stretch toward your greatest aspiration. From there, together we develop a strategy with practical action steps so you have the tools and map for your journey. 


I have been a student of organizational and personal potential both in my practice and during my decades of work in business development, sales, and training across several industries.


Play and finding joy each day are some of my core values. Time with my husband, and my dog, in the great outdoors, making music, and doing yoga are ways I find inspiration and energy.



I look forward to meeting you.



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