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When you consult Beeline Coaching, you will benefit from what some people have deemed, my “Super Powers”:  The ability to remain curious, and ask the important questions that help you to access your inner knowledge, intuition, ideas and answers. 


Our best answers lie inside our own minds and hearts.  When we have an experienced sounding board to reflect back thoughts, beliefs and ideas, a path can be cleared. 


From here, creativity begins. Combined with a strategy we develop together, we will discover the action steps that lead to the success you desire. 

Wanna learn more, get to know each other or explore working together? Please accept a 30-minute no charge meeting. Simply schedule a time that works for you.


Enjoy the Journey, Make a Beeline!


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Hello, if you would like to connect and make some plans to talk, please fill out this form. I offer for Free a 30 minute intro meeting. Or sign up through my website calendar. 

You may also text or phone me at 503-460-7243

I look forward to connecting!

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