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Best Practice: "It's Not about you."

Chock this one up to best practices.  Ever receive an email that when you read it you have a reaction like:

"Ouch! That hurt!"

Or, that forces a part of your hand anatomy upward? 

Entrepreneurs, It happens, right?  We receive something form someone and for some reason it triggers an unsavory reaction. 

Best practice.  Stop. Close the email and come back to it in an hour.
Re read it through new eyes

How does it read now?  Can you apply empathy, understanding or even better, not take it personally?

Ok, now read it?  How does it sound?

Ok, maybe it doesn’t sound better, respond as you will.

In my observation, often fresh eyes and time make the email read just fine, and I discover, it really was, “Just me.”

Fresh eyes, applying empathy, understanding and NOT Taking it Personally, REALLY helps me to see, the elephant in the room. “Oh yeah, I can definitely see, it is not about me!”

What a relief.

Have a superduper day!


The Beekeeper


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