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4 Ways to Enjoy More Summer!

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Hello Solopreneurs, Entrepreneurs and Founders! Happy Summer! Last time I overviewed time and effort savers your business can achieve by using Pilot’s Check lists specifically, how they help-with client selection.

Great news! They also help my solopreneur clients with: Project Selection, Employee Selection, Time Usage...and oh so much more.

Checklists help you gain clarity and focus and to prioritize. Right now, is the best time to prioritize… In my book, work is important. Enjoying summer, is just as important! Solopreneurs, How can we prioritize fun over work, just for the summer or part of the summer, without compromising long-term business goals?

4 things you can do to enjoy more summer:

  1. Abbreviated To Do List-Clarify what you need to accomplish each day, and only do those things

  2. Make it a 4-day Work Week-Decide you are only going to work 4 days a week and make your work fit into 4 days

  3. Bundle Efforts-concentrate your efforts and make it a game-use timers and stay on track with making your weekly connections and projects.

  4. Choose Projects Well: Only take on projects that fit into a particular criterion, including how they impact your bottom line (Create a pilot’s check list!)

What do these have in common? They all require precision, clarity and focus.

Take the time. Get clear. Get focused. Make your strategy, and if it makes sense for where you are in your business, deploy your mission to make time to enjoy summer. It is not too late! I am here for you friends! Let's get this summer prioritization going!!!!!

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