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Small, Anticipated Wins Lead To The Big One!

Happy New Year Solopreneur Friends! 2023 still smells so fresh, eh? Let's keep it that way :-) And make it a wonderful year for one and all! Thank you for being here. XO Shelly, Your Holistic Business Coach

Last time I shared ways to overcome Sales and Business Development Frustrations. I am also still offering longer Strategy and Planning Sessions If you are in planning and strategy mode, I am happy to be of assistance Small, Anticipated Wins Lead To The Big One! “I think It’s part of the tire, my husband explained. With elation, he exclaimed,

“There’s the piece that completes the emblem!” You guessed it. We received a new puzzle. Thank you, dear nephew, it has renewed our interest in puzzles! If you have ever done one, you know, how it goes. You open the box and out it pours. It almost seems an impossibility that it will ever look like the proud cover photo. A piece at a time, you adjoin one to another. It is the sure path to the big win-completion!

While plodding our way through, I started realizing the value of anticipating and appreciating the small wins along the way.

In business and in life we experience small wins every day. Taking time to recognize these wins is important because they are progress markers and the backbone of big wins…which do not come around quite as often. Anticipating small wins is as exciting as attaining them because it makes achieving each win, twice as nice. In puzzle building there are several steps that one can anticipate and win:
  1. Color sorting

  2. Searching for shapes that go together

  3. Realizing the colors that will fill an area

  4. Choosing a focus

  5. Finding two puzzle pieces that fit together

  6. Fitting puzzle pieces together in areas

  7. Pulling larger areas together

  8. Working from the inside out pulling the straggler pieces

  9. Fitting the stragglers in one by one

  10. Finally…Fitting that last piece!

Release the ticker tapes…The BIG win, Completion! As you build, you know what a small wins look like, so you can anticipate them. Every time you get a small win you get the chance to have a “Hooray!” moment. Each hooray moment offers a little endorphin rush that edges us onward and gives us confidence towards the Big Win.

I invite you to use this concept in your business. As you plan bigger projects-Your Big Win. What can you do to break it down into smaller wins that you can anticipate? How would that make a project different, perhaps even more rewarding? Are you working on a big project or have a big year in front of you ? Let's break it down together. Anticipate your wins and make it fun along the way. Let’s talk. Your Holistic Business Coach, Shelly

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