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Solopreneurs gain confidence in your sales efforts

Solopreneurs, Ever get a case of the “Ughs,” the “Yikes” or “Deer in headlights,” when you think about doing sales stuff? I get it. It can feel overwhelming and insurmountable, especially if you 1) have too much on your plate already and/or 2) the idea of asking people to buy your product or service feels uncomfortable.

You would never want to be a person who tries to force something on someone, right? Me either. Over my 30-year sales career, I learned through much trial and lots of error, that if you change one thing in your approach, it makes all the difference.

If you change the word selling to helping, a profound shift occurs. It's like a bonfire that finally takes off.

And when you think about your business and your offerings from this perspective: “What does my product or service provide, and how does it help my prospective client?” this takes sales from being a wrestling match to something brand new.

Sales is a conversation in which you are discovering if your product or service is a match for your prospect. When “Yes” is the answer, it is because it is a conclusion to a conversation with your underlying question being “How can I help”?

It’s like this: Closing a sale is a way for you to provide a product or service to a company or individual who has a genuine need for it.

We have all been at the other end of an unwanted sales approach. It is from this perspective that perhaps we have settled on our belief about being a seller and being a buyer.

Great news, it absolutely does NOT have to be this way. I have been working with some of my clients on creating their own Custom Business Development Plan. And I know from real world experience, this approach works.

It works because it is thoughtful and is all about the prospect and how you can help and not at all about forcing anyone to do anything.

Here’s what having your very own Custom Business Development Plan does for you and your business:

1)Builds Your Confidence because your approach is thought out. You know where to start and where to end

2) Gives You Resolve because you have a limited and focused target list

3) Is Considerate because you have carefully considered what your product or service provides your potential customer

4) A Dynamic Approach-you utilize your natural curiosity, instead of coming at someone with just a solution

5) Gives you a Roadmap you will make the approach via thoughtful, prepared questions to find out if there is a sincere need for your product

6)Prepares you in advance- Like a seasoned Mountaineer, you will have thought through concerns and pleas for more information that prospects may have and you will have answers that speak to how your product or service can help

7) Gives you Courage and Knowledge to be Willing to Walk Away Since you will have thought everything through, you will be able to identify if the prospect truly does not need or require your offering and you will know when to walk away and find a new prospect. Hey, maybe on your way out, you will have the insight to ask them If they know anyone who could need your offering?

Solopreneurs, Founders, Makers, Any of his sound helpful to you and your business? Let’s set up a time to talk about your business.


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