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Damn The Struggle

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

The skis slid back and forth, the back of my arms ached, I must be cross country skiing.

Truly, it is beautiful, the purity of white snow and cold inhales. I puff along loving and hating it (certainly struggling) all at once.

With all my might, I push my legs and I work the skies in the way I have watched those fearless olympians who also stop and target shoot with cross bows. Something is missing.

At that moment, I experiment. Instead of “trying” when I push the ski, I just let the energy go. Suddenly, I am at peace AND moving! What just happened? There is a chorus of angels! I am enjoying the moment for what it is. A snow glide, a moment in nature, a oneness with my skis and poles!

I relax. Determined to continue, it all falls apart and I am again struggling, pushing, groaning inwardly and I am reminded about my upper arm fatigue and whine! I am only half way around the damn lake!

What happened?

I have noticed this sensation throughout a day, throughout my life, over and over and over.

Have you noticed it too?

Here’s the thing... when I try, I mean T R Y with gritted teeth, pit in the stomach, clenched jaw TRY, LIFE SUCKS. The very thing I am doing is not filled with ease and certainly not joy.

However, when I take a deep breath, relax and do the EXACT same movement, simply doing and dropping the T R Y, things happen... easily, effortlessly.

With a full expression of surrender, comes ease.

Ahh ‘tis a life long practice, strike that, it is a life long surrender.

Swoosh on my friends!

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