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What do you stand for?

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Like the etching, "Thinking It Over", by the artist Thomas Waterman Wood, The beginning of the year lends itself to reviewing the prior year, goal setting and yes, one of my favorite things, more expansive thinking. It got me thinking about the expansive question: “What do I stand for?” Sometimes it is easier to consider what I stand against, yet, figuring out what we stand for is a way for us to focus our efforts and to check in see if our efforts support our values. Before we get fully entrenched in a new year, taking time to reconsider what we and our business stand for is a way to gain steam, focus, reinvigorate and to recalibrate. How do we consider the question "What do you stand for?" We take the approach of pondering questions like these:

1.Who do I serve?

2.What do I do to support these customers?

3.Why do I serve this group?

4. On a scale of 1-10 (1 being -who are these people? I am not at all serving the customers I wish to serve, 10 I am walking on clouds! I am serving exactly who I wish) Go ahead, Give yourself a score 1-10.

5. Why am I doing this? Why do I do what I do for a living?

6. On a scale of 1-10 (1 being- "What the heck am I doing spending my time this way, I am not at all doing what I want" to 10 "I am doing exactly what I wish.") Give yourself a score 1-10

7. Name the top 5 things you enjoy most about what you do.

8. Name the top 5 things you dislike about what you do.

9. Analyze, do I need to do all of these things?

10. Of those things I dislike, is there any one thing I could stop or one thing I could do more that would improve my daily experience?

11. What grade (A-F) would you give your Work/Life Balance?

12. What one small thing could you change/stop or start doing that would move you towards the work/life balance grade you desire?

These do not exhaust all the possible questions we can ask to cover such an expansive topic, yet, these can help us get pretty far. The answers lead to an acknowledgment of alignment or realization of a need to make some changes. All of this can lead to deeper satisfaction. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Hello Friends, I am a Holistic Business Coach serving solo entrepreneurs and people in business. Clients bring me their challenges and problems. I ask questions to help them to uncover their own internal wisdom that serves as the key to open the mind, body and heart where their solutions are discovered. Together, we work on a practical plan with teensy action steps that help to build success, one accomplishment at a time. I offer a free get to know you meeting. Let’s connect and discover together. Fondly, Shelly Aka the Bee Keeper

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