Your Shortest Route to Bottom Line Results 



Breathe Easy

The Dream: Build your own business-your way.  


On the best days there is nothing better.  


And then, there are everyday challenges: 

  • So much to do you don’t know where to start?

  • Frustrated with Sales and Marketing? 

  • Dog yawning when you share biz details? 

  • 3 AM business concerns keeping you up?

  • Longing for more work life balance?

You don’t have to do it alone. Sidestep frustration. Avoid overwhelm and burn out.


Hi, I'm Shelly Sweeney, here for you and your business. I have a 32 year track record of effectively building bottom line results.

I will assist you and your team towards your dreams. 


Rule Your Time:

  • Impact your bottom line through workflow efficiencies, processes, and repeatable shortcuts

  • Gain momentum with comprehensive strategies

  • Save your precious energy with clear and practical action steps. 


Actualize Sales:

  • Identify your best customers and target effectively

  • Weave your "how we help"stories 

  • Earn business through structured business development efforts

Master Your Relationships:

Communicate what you need to say-with clear, effective confidence and focused precision-even in difficult and crucial conversations.


Balance Your Life:

Navigate with support- a neutral unbiased partner on your side. Realize work life balance.

Yes, you can live the life you dreamed, while running your business.   



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