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Your Shortest Route to Bottom Line Results 


Build Your Business
Your Way

Build your dream and get to your goals faster with support 

I'm Shelly Sweeney, your holistic business coach. I'm that objective, non-biased person in your life, who is on your side, to help keep you and your business on track.


With years and years of business experience

I don't have all the answers, I offer you questions and insights from this perspective and help you to uncover the answers.

Help You Navigate Everyday Challenges:


All businesses experience everyday problems and challenges.


They come in several forms:

something that is expected, something that is in your blind spot and, self-imposed limitations.


Together, we uncover and examine what's happening, gain clarity, and develop solutions, so you can keep your business moving forward.  

Rule Your Time   Build momentum, traction and streamline productivity with reliable processes and repeatable shortcuts. 

Actualize Sales: Get the "Ugh's" when you think about sales stuff?  Let's build your Business Development Plan . Discover and expand upon your genius.  Build your business with the clients you WANT and LOVE to serve.


Master Your Relationships:  Communicate what you want and need to say effectively, clearly, and confidently.


Balance Your Life Does your dog think,

"All my owner ever does is work"? 

Maintain passion. Avoid burnout. 

Yes, you CAN live the life you dreamed and run your business.

Use Your Whole Self: Learn to Utilize and trust your mind, body and intuition to make business decisions. 


Let's Build Your Empire!

For You: 30 Minutes Free Business Coaching 

I serve clients in Portland, Oregon and all over via video conference. If you're in Portland, we can sometimes meet face to face.



Introductions. Lets get to know each other. One free 30 minute session. Sign up!
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