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Ring Ring Intuition on Line 1

Hello Solopreneurs, Entrepeneurs, Founders!

Hope summer is treating you right and your lemonade glass is staying full.

To the left:

Scenes from a day hike up to the top of the Palmer lift on Mt. Hood. Good elevation gainer in shorter mileage...very sweaty and panting, experience

Today... let's visit....

Our friend, Intuition.

Got Wordle in two today, a rarity, only 7 times in 218 games. Never have I ever gotten it in one. You?

Those 7 times happened when I listened to that small voice called intuition. Today, it said, “use the word Ghost”. This revealed 3 of the 5 letters, in order! It was easy to guess the rest.

My mathematician brother does not sway from his reliable Wordle algorithms. He scoffs at my thoughts of intuition and Wordle. I would like him to prove his stats supreme! (She said with a haughty laugh!)

Intuition? Sometimes it whispers and sometimes it’s quite loud. It provides answers, ideas, suggestions, and hunches-often described as a gut reaction.

Main point-doesn’t come from the head by thinking hard. It pops in.

Described by “Intuition is the ability to understand something immediately without the need for conscious reasoning. A thing one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning. Spiritual insight or immediate spiritual communication.”

Intuition is illusive, even more reason to listen when it shows up.

There is value in listening to that voice that jumps in when facts seem otherwise, or your thinking brain hasn’t come up with the same idea.

Intuition seems magical and unexplained. Sometimes, I value it more than facts or reason, because, it has been right. I believe intuition is powerful and useful. I really can’t think of a time when I have followed it that it has steered me wrong.

It makes me want to hone and allow it more often.

How do we listen? I am not always tuned in, nor do I believe the intuition is always “talking”.

It seems spontaneous and random. This is how I can tell that it is intuition. We can’t order this voice to speak. We can listen for it, allow and be willing to act, when it whispers.

How do you tune and tone to hear and receive intuition:

I am most ready to receive intuition when relaxed. Here are three of my favorite ways to relax and ready myself to hear Intuition's whisper:

(What do you do?)

1) Heavy Exercise:

The weightless, easy feeling that comes about after emptying myself of angst, anger, and anxiety. That is what relaxation feels like to me.

2) Videos of calm confidence:

Their voices and quiet confidence send the feeling that everything is and always will “be alright.” It offers me a leap of faith that lends to relaxation and trust.

3) Slow Body -Mind Treatment:

Yoga, meditation and breathing exercises. Stretch and allow the muscles to unbundle. Breathe intentionally. Set the mind to rest. These moments, allow for receiving.

Intuition is a powerful business tool to add to your arsenal.

Let's talk,Here is some free business coaching for you. 30 minutes and try out business coaching for yourself.

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