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Small Changes Big Results

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Every time I visit The Portland Japanese Garden I am struck by a deep sense of peace and calm. It surprised me, that a tiny shift, a small change, could enhance that sense. And it could lead to such a big result.

The garden houses a Koi Pond. You can hover above the fish and watch them swish back and forth. They glide and lumber slowly, without a sense of care.

Last time there, I was watching the fish and, felt that usual calm feeling, yet I noticed that my right foot was turned outward to the right verses straight forward, towards the fish. When I moved my foot and planted it firmly forward, I felt a more intense sense of peace and calm.

As I wondered why, I was reminded of the body language book by former FBI agent Joe Navarro, What Every Body Is Saying and what he said about squaring off:

“When we are involved in a conversation and we seem to be fully engaged, meaning our torso is squared off towards our listener, but a foot is turned outward, our limbic system is signaled that it is time to move on.”

That was what was happening for me. My right foot was not fully there, and my limbic system was sending the unspoken message, “time to move on.” When I fully committed by turning both feet forward, my limbic system received the cue that it was ok to relax. It was ok to enjoy that moment. "

With both feet planted forward, an involuntary deep breath washed over me. I felt a stronger sense of calm and serenity.

This miniscule effort changed a serene moment twinged with anxiety, to a moment that felt like freedom.

We can do this in our businesses. When we are engaged with people, face both feet towards them and just be with them. Or when we are at our desks working, just face forward and focus on the task at hand verses thinking of all the other things we could be doing.

Solopreneurs, Here is permission to just do one thing at a time and to be fully present. The power of small efforts. One after another, they lead to profound results. That’s how the good stuff happens.

Hi There, I'm Shelly Sweeney, Founder of Beeline Coaching.

Solopreneurs, you can do it all yourself, but why? You can have support. Allow me to help you build your empire and beeline your bottom line results. I support you in your efforts to "pollinate" and grow your business. Snag your free 30 minutes

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