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Looking backward to move forward is a powerful tool for your business.

When I work with clients, we often talk past events and problems. We take a big picture perspective, and then, zero in on the details. This offers the advantage of hindsight and captures “a ha moments,” for future growth.

Many larger companies rely on this sort of process many, however, when you are working alone or in a smaller company, the team wears many hats. Time is precious and often not set aside for these activities.

This is one of the advantages of having a business coach. I help you to make time, in our twice monthly meetings, to work on your business and use findings to leapfrog forward.

Here are some of the top things a retrospective offers you and your business:

1. Capture what happened when it is fresh, verses what memory says happened later

2. Analyze what went well and build on it

3. Discover if there is room for any new processes, policies or procedures that could streamline your efforts

4. Realize what went wrong or where you wished it had gone differently, and brainstorm ways to not repeat mistakes

5. Take a deep dive into what went wrong and see if there are any lines you can draw to other current projects and make changes based on these findings

6. Evaluate team members and roles as it relates to the retrospective

And so, so much more, based on the needs of your team and your business.

If you would like to learn more or have something to examine retrospectively, let’s talk. Try coaching out for yourself. Soloentrepreneurs, Entrepreneurs, Founders, Here’s my gift to you: 30 minutes free business coaching!

Curious about what business coaching could do for you and your business? Here is what others have said.

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