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Review and Plan A New Year is now!

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Hello Friends, Like an open road, the New Year is FINALLY here! Welcome to 2021. Nothing like that New Year -blank slate feeling! (especially after an epic, unexpected, almost as much strangeness as what happened in the hit series Stranger Things, kinda year). I have always believed that the way to start a new year is to review the year prior. Here is a two part way I have tried and like. It is quick, to the point and gets the job done. It helps me to gain clarity regarding what happened and also helps me to make a comparison on what happened vs. my goals. Part C is about goal setting in the new year. Part A. Consider, corral and question: 1) What accomplishments did I achieve? (Both Professionally and personally) 2) How do I feel about these accomplishments? Did I achieve what I set out to? 3) Review my prior year goals. How did I do? 4) Note any Highs and Lows about how the year went Both professionally and personally) Part B. Review, record and release: 1) Review the accomplishments, make a list and save it. I have found that when times are tough, or I am feeling a bit low, reviewing accomplishments offers a lift. These lists have also served as a reminder, year after year, of what actually happened. Reviewing always offers insights and a feeling of accomplishment as well as a way to quantify results and life events. 2) Check the prior year goals-if I achieved them great, if not, make a conscious decision about what to do with the goal. Shall I add it to the new year’s list or chuck it? 3) Review the Highs and the Lows: What can I celebrate? What did I learn? Is there a kernel to keep? This is not a time to beat ourselves up, it is a time to review with non-judgmental eyes, realize what we learned and to simply let it go. Part C. Make a new year plan. Develop your goals Set a timeline(s) Consider Action Steps ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Hello! I am a Holistic Business Coach. How does Beeline Coaching help? Clients come to me with challenges, I ask questions to help them to unlock the answers. I often assist in areas such as this:

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  • Interpersonal Communication Strategies and Planning

  • Sales Skills and Strategies

  • Accountability and Momentum Assistance

  • Motivation and Support

  • Relaxation and Stress Management Support and Tools

Who do you know that could use an outside resource to help them raise their business to the next level, get things off the ground or to just get unstuck? If you would like to learn more before making a referral or would like to refer a friend, contact me. I offer a 30 minute get to know you session, at no charge . Thank you for your consideration!

Have a beautiful week my friends! Shelly The Bee Keeper


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