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Raise your hand to play!

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

As a child, some of my fondest memories are of sitting in wonder watching Sesame Street. It was magical to see all the colors, hear the singing, the many voices and the lessons that all those wonderful puppets/Muppets shared.

When my friend Ryen shared her new puppet, something went off inside me like a tiny “Boom." That tiny boom said, in sort of a Cookie Monster voice…

“Must have one.”

Two weeks later he arrived. (that's fuzzy Raz in the photo above)

I cannot fully explain this without feeling, a bit uncomfortable and very vulnerable because, well, if I heard someone say this.. I may feel this way, and think to myself,

“They are kind of strange.”

And I suppose I feel a little strange myself because of the vulnerability, but here goes:

When I opened the box, the instructions said to: “Lightly shake your puppet back to life.”

As I gave him a gentle shake, his gray fur sprang upward, and his multi-colored eyebrows shot forward…

Immediately I melted and felt a feeling, I would describe… as ” love.” I am laughing out loud at myself right now, yet I swear on my little puppet’s head, it is true.

I know! I know! It sounds so odd, yet, I don’t even care. I love him! I love my puppet. His big ping pong ball-beady eyes and his toothy grin, his soft fur and how warm my hand feels when I make him speak… it is pure joy.

It sparked in me a familiar joy, because it is the joy I have felt when I allow myself to play.

You remember play?! You do remember play? Uh, Do you remember play?

I sure can get focused and serious and get a lot of "stuff done." Yet, I noticed a light feeling, you know the one... it absorbs you and captures your attention, enraptures you into the moment and makes you double take when you realize three hours have gone by, does, still exist!

Folks, it is true. Play is still a thing and we can do it even if we are "busy." ! I am raising my hand up like the second grader that wants the teacher's attention... to say, "Play is important!"

Playing gives us the capacity to give our all, yet when we don't take time to play, life becomes dull and meaningless.

Friends listen up… go get or do something that lightens you up, makes you double take the whiz of time and giggle with abandon. Life can be light even when it sucks a little. And you know, it can even suck a little, at times not during a pandemic.

So why not play?

Make lightness, make laughter and make fun, a now experience! Work and life challenges will always be available. And when we allow ourselves to play, we can be more effective at all of life.

I am going to incorporate my puppet, Raz Ma Taz Monster into my work/play as a holistic business coach. Stay tuned.

Hmmm, perhaps he will be a second coach, hired here at Beeline Coaching. Clients could choose to speak with Raz or me… No doubt he would be popular! Lol.

Giggle on my friends!

Yours in play,


Your Holistic Business Coach and The Bee Keeper

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