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Positivity turns ugly.

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Hi Everyone,  These are indeed challenging and dare I say it? …difficult times.  As a positive person and like the bright photo above, I often look to the bright side and that can, at times end up with unforeseen consequences. What’s that? What consequences can we have from being positive?   Well, if we push back negative feelings and just ignore them, it’s not “Feeling the feels”, as the 13-year old daughter of my dear friend Kristi, says. "Feel the feels?  Ugh, why?  They huuuurrrrttttt, it’s discourrragggginnnnng."  Yup. It’s true. They do.  When I allow myself to feel the hurt, discouragement and even the disappointment verses ignoring the feeling or like a steamroller, bulling it over, those hurt feelings still remain, only now, they are simply squashed. As a holistic business coach, I have been practicing a strategy in which I share and encourage, with my clients.   Feelings are important and now, when things are tough, acknowledging feelings and offering self-empathy can help us to keep going in a way that we can bring our full selves into our personal and our work lives.  This action alone can help us to show up in a whole way verses covering or smoothing over what we don’t like to feel.   I believe this is where peace lives.  Speaking of “feeling the feels,” some of you know, I recently left my Surgical Device Representative position at Baxter Healthcare, to pursue serving clients through holistic business coaching.   I would be lying if I said, “I have never looked back,” I absolutely have.  I mean, I was a part of that company for over 10 years. It was a fantastic job, working with great people and serving vulnerable patients with best in class products.   I feel sad sometimes.  I miss my friends and I miss my customers and at the same time I am thrilled to be serving humanity in a new way.   Every day is a new challenge and I am figuring it “all out”.  I know I will never have all the answers, most certainly more questions, lol, yet, I am enjoying a new kind of satisfaction and that feeling is… a well spring of contentment, straight from my heart.  Finally, I promised a tool regarding Creativity as a part of the Beeline Coaching series, “Adaptability, Empathy and Creativity, in Difficult times.   Creativity is always important, and now, even more so.  I define creativity as being willing to try new ways, get out of what has previously been our comfort zone and throw a few things against the wall to see what wants to stick now. Creativity is delicate and takes bravery. We have to make room for and coax it out. I am providing a resource to do just that.   Oh, and one more resource... here's Ethan Hawke's riff on creativity One final thought, being creative can make us feel vulnerable and that's a good thing.  Just "feel the feels" and keep onward.  Please feel free to share this creativity resource and our newsletter with those you feel may be interested. Plod on my friends! Shelly The Beekeeper 503-460-7243

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