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Part 2 Conflict Can Be Good

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Happy Late Summer, Solopreneur, Entrepreneur, and Founder Friends!

It’s happening, Summer is winding down, the grasses are brown and the air is smoky. Soon the rains will begin and the air will be fresh! For now, let’s pick up where we left off.

Last time, I shared Part 1 of Preparing for an Honest Dialogue. Here’s Part 2.

After we have worked through Part 1. Where do we go?

Side rant: Personally, I don’t savor these sorts of conversations, yet not having them is equally bad. My experience, unresolved conflicts nag and poke until they are attended to.

Working through conflict is a worthy effort, especially when it is someone you are close to or you work with regularly.

Conflict can serve as a catalyst to transform, even strengthen relationships.

After taking the time to gain perspective through the first three steps, I feel calmer and humbled.

When I only see a conflict from my side and the other person as wrong, I stay up on my “high horse” arms crossed, brow furrowed with a “I’m right. Your wrong,” cartoon cloud over my head.

Instead, I invite you to dive in, with these next 5 steps:

1) Gather courage. Welcome humility

2) After thinking about the conflict from the Observers view consider these questions. (Take time to write it out)

From my most honest self:

  • What am I feeling?

  • What do I need?

  • If I could wave a magic wand, what would make this better?

  • What questions do I have?

  • What would I like to say?

  • What do I want moving forward?

3) Set aside what you have written and come back to it. Review your discovery. Make any additions or changes.

4) When you are ready, schedule an appointment to have a conversation.

5) During the conversation, do your best to be humble, honest and ask a lot of questions. Be ready to share what you have discovered. Invite them to share their feelings and what they need.

Solopreneurs, Entrepreneurs, Founders: When we make time & effort to face conflict head on with honesty & humility a new path forward will appear-even if I am camouflaged. :-)

Would help, help? I am here for you.

Solopreneur, Entrepreneur, Founders Coach,


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