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Can Conflict Be(e)Good?

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Hi Friends! Happy Summer,

Relaxing Rowan says, (in Scooby Doo-ese)"Ronrift, what ronrift?"


Yet, Then...there's the Conflict...

At one time or another we all end up with a relationship that is strained, even in business. (Yes, Solopreneurs, Entrepreneurs, Founders, Small Business Owners, you know it's true!)

When this happens, dang it if time doesn't stop so we can get it together. Most often, the “show must go on”. We have to maintain professionalism through gritted teeth and continue to work with the person in which we feel conflicted-

How do we prepare for an honest, clear the air, conversation-one that could even "next level" the relationship?

"It all starts with getting honest with ourselves."

We can evaluate our own version of the situation by asking ourselves some honest questions. After that, we can then take time to plan a heart to heart.

3 Conflict Transformative Steps:

1) Take The Observer’s Viewpoint-Suspend your imagination and become someone who is not involved. What would they see?

2) Just the Facts-As the Observer and the Participant, what are the facts-the actual happenings verses your opinion about what happened?

3)Evalute-Write out the facts and while remaining neutral, begin to evaluate. What you were feeling and needing? Then, take a guess at what you believe the person you are in conflict with was feeling and needing.

Ahh, Sweet Clarity and Focus

Simply taking these first three steps will bring you infinitely closer to our dear friends Clarity and and her brother Focus. These two help us gain perspective and comfort because we can begin to glimpse a path forward.

Next Time:

The next article will take the information you gathered and find the third friend, Lovely Strategy...ahhhh.

Would some help, help?

Solopreneurs, Solo Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurs, Founders, Business Owners, I am here for you. Together we can mush through the conflict and bring a solid plan to life. Let's connect!

Hugs, Dear Friends!,



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