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Making Things Easy Peasy

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Waxy and marbled eyes gazed up at me and my bouncy Airedale.

Suddenly the crow swept onto a branch and then darted downward, landing in front of us. My dog was unphased.

Block after block our feathered friend followed. I felt unsure and a bit unnerved. What was this behavior about?

The next week I walked the same route and again, I found myself followed by not just one but a small murder of crows. They landed in the trees on low branches and then in front of us in the same procedure.

That is when I realized they were trying to see if I would toss a treat! These smart birds had discovered a process and they had a procedure for shaking down dog walkers.

It made me think of the work I do with solopreneur and business founder clients and the procedure we go through to decide if a process is in order.

Love and Ease to You All,


aka the Beekeeper

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