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Little Comforts Make My Mind Work Better

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Hello Solopreneurs and Entrepreneurs!

In business often there are things that need pondering.

Sometimes, it's the stressful things or the strategy things or the decision things.

They are the things that turn themselves over and over, in my mind and sometimes in my heart.

Picking up a small stone holding it in my hand and feeling it’s shape and texture helps me to sort, think and feel.

I gain comfort in having this object to rely on its constancy and steadiness.

Seemingly a very small thing one could even think unnecessary and that’s true. It’s not a necessity it’s a nicety.

Things like this add value in small ways. And Small ways add up to small things. And Small things one after another add up to big things.

This is how the good stuff happens.

I am here for you! I offer 30 minutes free coaching. Let's get together!



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