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doing it 23,000 times per day? Try it 23,001

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

A big part of my coaching practice is offering clients support. As Solopreneurs, running our businesses and the work we do in our businesses, at times, can be depleting. Having support is a must. Support looks different in different situations. Yet it always involves listening, asking questions and offering proven techniques to aid in what my client needs at the moment. When we take time for self-care, we can enjoy two of the things that make it much more likely we will achieve our goals and the success we desire. Those two things? Clarity and Focus. We have within us, right now, a resource to help us regain focus, energy, clarity and calm. We already do it about 960 times per hour -over 23,000 times per day… yet it can used for so much more than simply keeping our organism alive! What is it you say? Breathing…Yes! Breathing! How? Check out these three techniques, from the US Marines and the sentinel breathing techniques book Perfect Breathing, by veteran conscious breathing expert and researcher, Al Lee and his co author, Don Campbell

1) Calming technique to regain clarity

The Marine 4-7-8 Breath

From the US Marine Corp

  1. Sit with your back straight

  2. Close your mouth and inhale quietly through your nose for a count of 4

  3. Hold your breath for a count of seven

  4. Exhale completely though your mouth making a whoosh sound to a count of eight. (this is one breath cycle)

  5. Inhale and repeat the cycle three more times.

  6. Take time to rest for a moment or two before continuing your day

2) Two Part Foundation Breath- to improve focus

From the book Perfect Breathing

Part One.

  1. Sit comfortably with your back straight eyes closed and hands in your lap

  2. Begin with an exhale, then inhale deeply,(from the bottom of your lungs to the top) hold it for a second or two, and exhale first with a short burst (as if you were blowing out a candle) and then with a long, slow finish as you completely relax your mind and empty your lungs. Repeat 3 times.

Part Two.

  1. Inhale deeply all the way to the bottom of your spine, progressively filling your lungs-bottom middle top

  2. Hold for a moment

  3. Exhale slowly, gently emptying your lungs from the bottom to the top, gently squeezing out all of the air.

  4. Hold for a moment and then repeat steps 3-6 for up to 5 minutes. Repeat as many times daily or weekly as comfortable.

3) Energy Increasing Technique

From the book Perfect Breathing

  1. Sit comfortably with your hands in your lap

  2. As you slowly inhale, progressively yet lightly tense your muscles and hold them in the following order;

  3. Feet, Calves, Thighs, Buttocks, Pelvis, Stomach, Forearms, Upper Arms, Chest (pecs), Neck-front, back and sides

  4. Keep all muscles tense for a few seconds

  5. Exhale and relax all muscles in the opposite order

  6. Repeat 3 times

Best practices:

  • After performing any of these techniques rest and steady yourself as you return to standing.

  • Do these and any special breathing techniques when you can be seated or lying down.

  • Do not attempt while driving!

  • Be aware that altering from our regular breathing techniques, styles and pace can potentially cause light-headedness and or dizziness. These techniques may increase your heart rate slightly.

  • If at any time you feel uncomfortable, stop the technique, return to your normal breathing, and relax. Honor your body. Only do techniques that work for you.

Best to you as you self care. I am here to help! Let's get acquainted! I offer a no charge 30 minutes so you we can get to know each other and you can ask questions about what holistic business coaching is and how it could support you and your business.

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