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Do This: Be 7 Year Old You

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Try this.

Remember when you were a kid and your big sister wanted you to do something for her and you didn’t want to do it? But then she said the magic words,

“I’ll time you!”


Suddenly you weren’t only ready to do it, you were genuinely excited?   Not sure why that works other than perhaps somehow it makes it more fun or maybe we can impress them and ourselves with our shear speed?  

I don’t know about you but for me some days I simply can’t get going.  Maybe it’s lack of motivation,  sometimes it’s overwhelm, or it’s not knowing where to begin because it’s time for a new project.

However, I have found that for me this works and I wanted to hear if you have ever done anything similar?

1) Write down 3 items that I need to do

2) Prioritize these items in order of importance (however I currently value their importance.)

3) Check to make sure that the items are really just one item... i.e. Set an appointment might be more than one item... it could be find the contact and make the call.  Or it could be connect with X who knows Y learn more about Y ask X for the contact, then contact them.  The point is one item may be more than one step (above is really 4 steps).  Get clear on the steps.  Write sub steps

4) Set a timer: Use the Pomodoro Technique. This method, developed by Francesco Cirrillo found that humans best concentrate and achieve in 25 minute time blocks.  

5) Start. Using Pomodoro, I set a timer.  All at once that "I'm being timed!" feeling kicks in!  And I have a REAL DEADLINE

6) If at the end of the 25 minutes, I am not done, I evaluate what I need to do next.  Does it require another 25 minutes or would it be better to move on to item 2?

7) Most of the time (unless a true wall gets in the way) I have found it best to finish the first item, so I can get that accomplished feeling.  And so I ACTUALLY accomplish something.  

These steps pave the way for purposeful action.  This method works for these reasons: limited number of items to accomplish, order of importance and full steps are outlined and the timer makes it more fun. 

With the lift of achievement I am energized and ready for the next task.

Hope you find this helpful.  Let me know what you do and have found success!

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