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Obliterate Overwhelm by using The Beeline Coaching "Daily Tasks Pick 3" worksheet

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

You and your business can bloom with like a beautiful rose when you obliterate overwhelm with this useful Clarity Work Flow System by Beeline Coaching.

Clarity-Work Flow Systems

The Obliterate Overwhelm and Get Things Done-Daily Tasks Pick 3 Worksheet

Last week I shared 2 simple ways to Obliterate Overwhelm and Get Things Done. I had requests for the spreadsheet and thought to share.

Here is how I use it:

1) Filled in daily tasks categories (I have mine indicated by category currently, this is where I tend to spend time most often)

2) Entered the tasks I perform regularly under each category

3) Dialed in my work schedule by day as shown on the worksheet

This is a very flexible worksheet.

Daily tasks pick 3 Beeline Coaching spre
Download • 10KB

I invite you to share how you use it and what you find effective (or not)

The Lowdown:

1) I take some time to consider what tasks are most important for the day

2) Then I take a few moments to get centered, this means I take some time to just relax and breathe into what tasks that are important and which my heart and body most want to perform

(if this sounds a bit unfamiliar, set up your one time no charge 30 minutes with me and I can get you familiarized with the power of using your body and mind to find success and ease)

3) Pick 3 items from the to do list

4) I will often then place a limit on how much time I will spend on the task and set a timer-to stick to it

5) Go to work on just 3 items-one item at a time

6) When I complete these, I decide if I want to continue with additional items, or call it a day. I consider what feels right and what I WANT to do? Then, I proceed with joy and willingness!

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