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"I Hate Sales People"

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

The Third Door by Alex Banayan was a delightful Audible Book that packs a punch about life, business, and sales.  

Alex, a college student, took on a mission.  He wanted to interview his list of top performing business people, in an effort for them to share their paths to success, with his generation.

He had no connections, no relationships or even life experience, yet he was determined to interview wildly successful people, like, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Lady Gaga, Quincy Jones, Tim Ferris, and more.  

His story is set in the school of persistence and disappointment while perched on the edge of newly minted values. 

I found common ground with him as he knocked on doors and was often kicked in the teeth.  I felt the gut jab during his disappointments, and an elation and true respect for his need to continue... even though, at times, I cringed and thought, 

“Dude, just give up already!”

It got me thinking about business and in particular, sales... which can be a part of business, many love to hate.  I believe the reason is, that the act of “selling”, is misunderstood.

Sales is of course the result of effort.  It IS the end game.  It is what gives us the ability to keep our businesses open and to pay the bills.  

However, there is nothing like the “S -word” to make a lip curl.  As a person who has been in sales since I fitted the first guy in the Men’s Shoes department, I finally quit furling my own lip and feeling like a second class citizen when I realized this:

Selling, when done with positive intent,  is simply, helping.

This is how it works.  We have a product or a service.  It serves a clientele’s needs.  It makes someone’s life easier, by what it provides.  

Think about it.

Shoes... save your feet from pain and make walking comfortable

Heating and air conditioning ....keeps you comfortable in varying temperatures

Advertising....informs you of products and services that are available you to do your job, stay connected...

Every single thing we own or do or are a part of has been purchased in some way.  Someone was the seller and someone was the buyer.

And it doesn’t stop with things tangible.

Bills becoming is an idea that goes through many phases and must be believed in and perceived as a need before it happens.  Someone has to “buy it.”

A presentation to your team. Yep, the presentation...the ideas that are included must be agreed upon by those receiving the presentation.  It is all selling.  It is ALL helping.  

When selling is helping, it starts with the intention of being open and thinking of the buyer as someone who has a need.  Then time is taken to confirm the need by asking questions and gaining confirmation.  If the something you have speaks to those needs, then by providing (selling them) what you have,  you are helping. 

And what Alex learned in writing The Third Door is spot on the bedrock of what it takes to have sales success:

  • Authenticity Always Wins. 

  • Follow your Intuition, it never lies. 

  • Go wider and deeper than you imagine you should or need to on big goals.  

  • The information you are seeking, isn’t always what shows up, it is usually more what you needed to hear.  

  • Mentors and WHO you know absolutely matter beyond a doubt.  The whole adage, it’s not WHAT you know it’s WHO you know   

And as Alex learns...successful people don’t enter through the easiest or most obvious way, they often go through what he calls the “Third Door.”  

If one way doesn’t work, keep trying different angles, they may work or they may not,  You are going to feel silly and people are going to question your dreams, resolve is a must.  And when the front door and the VIP entrance are not an option, look for the Third Door.  

My best to you as you grow your business.  If you have any questions, please reach out.  I am always happy to be a resource to you and your team.

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