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Get some clarity and be a clutter buster

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Hello Friends:

I've never seen such a desk! That guy above must be a Clutter Buster!


Spring has sprung and it is the traditional time to declutter. Why does decluttering matter? And how does it impact our precious energy?

Clutter leads to distraction. (Cue suspenseful music) You head to your office, sit down and “bam” a pile of papers that have nothing to do with what you want to focus on draws you in,

Next thing you know it’s been an hour and you still haven’t started work?

“Eek!" You have been captured by a.....Clutter Distraction!

Clutter Distraction Clogs and Siphons Energy….

Ever experience that tired feeling just looking at a pile of “stuff?”

Whether it’s a pile of paper, clothes, emails, texts, or cars on the freeway, notice your energy-are you invigorated or tired?

We can keep energy strong and flowing by keeping up with or avoiding clutter all together

Gain Clarity, Stay Focused and Keep Energy De-cluttering:

1) Do it Once: The best way is to deal with things once and then move on. This goes for paper, email, mail, well, anything.

Set time to take care of things that are clutter prone. The main thing is to deal with it once verses keeping things around to dance with them over and over. When we deal with the same thing over and over, it becomes tedious and stressful.

2) Review it and Get Decisive: Develop a system so you have confidence in how you take care of things. Divide things into categories so you can easily plan. Then, decide right there and then how you will treat a particular item. Your action can then be to respond or file. Mainly, use your decisiveness to keep potential clutter moving.

3) Keep it Light: When we recirculate the same stuff over and over, it gets heavy-on our psyche. It is a repetitive little psychic tug… like a kid asking for candy at the check-out. It is relentless! A repeated request simply feels heavy. Test this for yourself. Just look at that email that has been in your inbox for a few weeks or months, or unopened texts. What do you feel? Delete something and see how that feels…. See?

As a Holistic Business Coach, I notice that energy matters. The more we can reserve our energy for our countless and most important tasks, the more productive and successful we can be. I often help clients to develop processes that make daily business more smooth, manageable, productive, and even fun.

Taking time to notice and manage clutter is a seemingly small thing that yields huge, short term and long-term rewards.

Have a beautiful week my friends!


The Bee Keeper

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