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Flex that adaptability muscle

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

The plant was dead, smelly and completely waterlogged.

It was planted in a favorite butterfly decorated, ceramic planter.  

There was no question, the plant had to be removed in order to salvage the planter and plant fresh. 

“No problem,” or so, I thought. 

I turned the planter on its side and the putrid smelling, water gushed out.  I grasped the plant and pulled outward; it didn’t budge.  I cut the plant back and using a gardening tool, loosened the soil around the edges.

This time, I pulled harder...Nothing... It was really stuck. 

Using the dandelion weeder, I tried another way, I stabbed at the soil around the plant, attempting to loosen it.  This had worked in the past.  Not this time.

I sat back and thought of another way. I placed my feet on either side of the planter and pulled with all my might on the remaining plant.  

Still nothing.

Breathing heavily, I realized, if I was going to save my prized planter, I was going to need to try new and different tactics.  

Employing the gardening saw, reserved for trees and shrubs, I hacked at the roots, back and forth, back and forth, side to side and around the edges 

That’s when it started to move!  

Once again, I put my feet on either side of the planter, grabbed the plant ends. I pulled and pulled.  It was lifting up! I was making progress!

The largest portion remained firmly stuck.

With the renewed vigor of a kid who sees the ice cream truck just a block away, I sawed and sawed! Soon, it all came free! 

Within 45 minutes the plant had gone from dead, smelly and dreadfully stuck in a prized planter, to it’s new home in the green recycle bin.  My prized planter was clean and ready for replant.

This felt, a lot like, how business feels right now.  

While we remain inside the clutches of the world-wide pandemic, many things will never return to what we used to think were “normal.”  

As a result, the reasons to be open and flexible have never been stronger, but how do we do business now?  How do we get started? 

This week and the next two, I will provide a three point plan to ignite new ways of thinking, a system for customer connection and how to use creativity to pivot and change along with what is happening now. 

The first point we will cover today is ...Adaptability. 

Adaptability is a skillset, that venture capitalist, Natalie Fratto, in herTed Talk and interview says, "is as important as emotional intelligence."  

Utilizing adaptability, we can begin to think/rethink our business to best serve customers now and moving forward.

The questions she asks of entrepreneurs as they seek capital to fund their projects, are extremely applicable right now.  

Fratto says Adaptability rides on three things:

1) How one is able to respond when things go terribly different than expected

2) How willing one is to unlearn what they know and to look at things through a new lens.

3) How willing is one to try different angles vs. staying with what always worked and can they demonstrate this willingness?

One thing is for sure, in times of uncertainty, being willing to flex our adaptability muscle will serve us and our customers as we grapple with the tough question:

"What do we do from here?"

Click for the adaptability worksheet to analyze for yourself your adaptability and willingness skillset. Use this free worksheet to help make a plan for your business.  

I am inspired and energized by what we can create and knowing that adversity brings opportunity.  And I am happily reminded that as entrepreneurs, trying new things and pivoting is not a mystery.  We are well equipped.  It is time to dig out the dirt and replant.

Hugs!  Together, we've got this!


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