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Shelly’s sharp mind has helped me cut through BS and get to what will make me successful with real clarity, pushing me outside of my comfort zone, so that I can actually grow my business. - Michael P., Creative 


Shelly understands that business honors structure, not limitation. She guided me in defining my vision, my mission, and incremental, doable steps towards manifesting them. In fact, something actually manifested during one of our sessions! I’m navigating a career change that feels so exciting and authentic. Interestingly, I also have become more productive and serene in my existing position. Working with Shelly has been one of the top investments I’ve ever made. — Julie L., Marketing Director

I began working with Shelly to help get unstuck from some unhelpful work patterns and ways of thinking. Shelly offers that rare combination of logic and intuition. Logic is critical when one is stuck on the practical aspects of business growth, but Shelly’s deep intuition allows her not to just hear you but offer you new patterns of thinking that are somehow incredibly specific to who YOU are and how YOU think. After just a few sessions, I started seeing shifts in my work life, from new ideas that brought in new clients to new opportunities I didn’t know were out there. – Kate S., Producer and Brand Strategist

One thing I always appreciate about your coaching is your ability to give a lighten-it up approach/perspective.

- Charmaine D., Entrepreneur 


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